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Our plan for three days at the start of this week is simple. We are aiming to be with Marie-Fran├žoise and Roland in Switzerland by Tuesday evening and to do that in relatively easy stages. […]


Our plan for today was to be guided by the local knowledge of our hosts, Jerry and Rianna, with whatever adjustments might be necessary for the weather which was predicted to be wet. There were […]


We had no firm plans for today other than to be at Jerry and Rianna’s place around 5:30 pm. One thought had been to return to central Amsterdam but that depended on the weather.


Windmills have always been part of our images of the Netherlands so when we were planning this trip it seemed reasonable to include a visit to windmills. It seemed that the obvious place for that […]

Edam and Marken

Jane’s plan for today was to explore the local area. Checking out local cheese was high on the agenda but the specifics were open. One suggestion was to hire bicycles and ride to a cheese […]


Jane had planned our itinerary for today months ago. There were 3 major activities which she had separated to ensure time for refreshments and moving between them. Fitting them in would require an early start. […]


Today was almost entirely one of travel. We needed to get from Ramsley Fields to Volendam, outside Amsterdam, where we are based for the next few days with Jane, Virginia and Margot.