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We spent today in three countries. We left Poland, passed through Slovakia, and ended in Hungary. I confess that when I was planning this trip I knew very little about Slovakia. The only city name […]


It rained yesterday and more was expected today so an activity out of the weather was preferable. Of the standard tourist attractions in this region Majella had long ago decided that Auschwitz was off her […]


Our luck with the weather improved a little today. We did not see any sunshine but neither did we have to deal with very much rain. There was a little but it mostly held off […]


Our expectations of Poland had been conditioned by images of our youth. For me that included monochrome news footage from the Soviet era with everything in shades of grey. For Majella that impression had been […]


Until today everywhere we have been on this trip had some element of familiarity. We knew either at least a little of the language or some people or both. This was the day we would […]