Tag: North Carolina

There’s a bear in there

We travelled along the Blue Ridge Parkway today, reputedly the most beautiful drive in America. It was indeed wonderful – great scenery, a good road, and a relaxed speed limit of 80kph. We stopped for […]

Smoky Mountain fun

We had a most enjoyable day today. We drove up into the Great Smoky Mountains driving through Cherokee country on the way. I loved the Cherokee Museum and its fascinating display. Our proposed walking along […]

Yarn Paradise

Today saw us do a lot of driving and a little bit of shopping. I’ve picked up some nice pieces of fabric which I’ll work into the Grandma’s Garden quilt I’m working on for Romina. […]

Three in one

Breakfast in North Carolina, lunch in South Carolina, and dinner in Georgia. Now that’s a day! We saw some amazing things along the way. I loved the Magnolia Gardens just outside of Charleston, and the […]

Traveling south

It is still summer here and the weather has been really hot and humid. The remnants of hurricane Isaac linger as a series of storms, a couple of which we have had to drive through […]