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Ahmedabad to Delhi

Our plan for today was to get to Delhi and the hotel from which our tour begins on Monday. Anything else we might do by way of sightseeing would be a bonus. We were both […]

Back to Ahmedabad

Our planning for this trip included finding a tour that would go to places we wanted to see with a start date close enough to the wedding not to require a long wait but with […]

Wedding – Day 3

Today was the final day of the wedding celebrations and quieter than yesterday with just one formal event in the evening. The rest of the day was for recovering, relaxing, and preparing to depart tomorrow. […]

Wedding – Day 2

Today was the actual wedding day. That involved a series of events beginning in the morning and culminating with the wedding late in the afternoon. Dinner would follow but the formal reception is tomorrow evening. […]

Wedding – Day 1

The wedding venue was Madubhan Resort which is about 80 km from the Radisson in Ahmedabad. John had arranged for a bus to take guests from the hotel to the resort. There were enough of […]


We had allowed a day in Ahmedabad for acclimatisation, acculturation, rest, and any last minute shopping for wedding gear. That made for an interesting and busy day. Laura had suggested breakfast at 8:00 am so […]

Singapore to Ahmedabad

After our exertions yesterday we had planned a more relaxing day. Hotel checkout was at midday so we planned to relax through the morning before checking out, looking around the local area, and heading for […]