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In planning our 3 day return from Prague to Paris I wanted to make the driving distances close to equal with the third day possibly a little shorter to allow some flexibility. I avoided overnight […]


Now we are on the homeward trail. Prague to Paris could be possible in a single 11 to 12 hour day of hard driving but on this trip I tried to limit driving to 4 […]


Until today everywhere we have been on this trip had some element of familiarity. We knew either at least a little of the language or some people or both. This was the day we would […]


We had one full day to see something of Berlin. What we could manage was always going to be affected by multiple factors including the weather. In the end it was a very full day […]

Potsdamer Strasse

We are in Berlin but have so far seen little more than the street outside our hotel. Getting here took longer than expected but we are here, settled, and plan to see more tomorrow.


We mostly know it as Nuremberg but the German name is Nürnberg. It has a long history as a centre of imperial power but we mostly remember it as the site of the Nuremberg rallies […]


Or rainfall. We experienced both together this afternoon and both were unexpected features of our day. It was an interesting day of leaving behind the familiar and venturing into new places.