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So it ends. To paraphrase the song, “You take the highway and we’ll take the slow road” because there was no need to rush today. Orly airport is about 300 km from Puxe, about 3 […]


In planning our 3 day return from Prague to Paris I wanted to make the driving distances close to equal with the third day possibly a little shorter to allow some flexibility. I avoided overnight […]


Highway travel can be quick but it is insulated from the real countryside. Our journey today came up at a bit more than 300 km and we had no need to arrive until mid to […]


On a trip like this, when we are trying to see as much as possible, we try to avoid backtracking but occasionally it is necessary. We drove an hour each way between Fort William and […]

Changing pace

Today was to be a major travel day so we were up a bit earlier to ensure we made our flight from Paris to Birmingham. Breakfast was the last of the farm eggs, the last […]


This was a day of departures and preparations for departure. Marie-Françoise and Roland were going home to Veyras in Switzerland and we needed to prepare for our travel from France to England tomorrow.


Our adventure today was to be a road trip to the Normandy coast where we planned to see white cliffs similar to those on the other side of the channel at Dover and eat lunch. […]


We were not up early enough to see any birds catching worms but we were up earlier than yesterday in preparation for an early start to beat the crowds. This was our day to visit […]


In deference to Marie-Françoise and Roland having driven more than 750 km yesterday, our plan for today was a short trip to Rouen, about 25 km away. Consequently there was no rush to get away. […]

Welcome Salamins

Another day dawned bright and we were up and about soon after 7:00 am to see blue sky outside with just a scattering of clouds. We had no firm plans for the day other than […]