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Today was almost entirely one of travel. We needed to get from Ramsley Fields to Volendam, outside Amsterdam, where we are based for the next few days with Jane, Virginia and Margot.


Today was Father’s Day in Australia so the plan hatched at the recovery BBQ yesterday was for the Kinnane clan to assemble for breakfast at The Dragon in Willington and have a group FaceTime chat […]

The day after

At about 10 hours the wedding celebration yesterday was a major event but that was not the end. Months ago we had been invited via Facebook to Bas & Anna’s BBQ Recovery at the farmhouse […]


This day had been at the core of our travel plans for more than a year. Bas (Sebastian) Pelly, youngest child of Angela and Liam, was to be married to Anna Heale in Derbyshire. From […]

Ramsley Fields

Our key goal for today was to drive a bit more than 400 km to our accommodation in Derbyshire in preparation for the wedding tomorrow. Once there we had sone other things to do but […]


This was our day to explore Portwenn (actually Port Isaac), the location of the Doc Martin television series more thoroughly. We also planned to take a side trip to Land’s End to complete the End-to-End […]


Highlight for this morning was to be the Kinnane sisters meeting for brunch in London. Beyond that we were headed for Doc Martin territory, Port Isaac (aka Port Wenn) in Cornwall. That required driving about […]


Our priority today was to make it to our accommodation in London in preparation for the clan gathering tomorrow morning. Until we heard it on the news last week we had no idea that today […]


Our destination for today was York. I’d selected it as a potentially interesting place close to halfway between Glasgow and London, where we need to be for the Kinnane sisters meetup on Tuesday morning. I […]

Welcomed by Michies

We have been blessed with well timed weather. Yesterday was mostly sunny for our day around the Lake District. This morning we awoke to find it raining but we expected to be traveling or inside […]