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Day 19 – Quebec City

Breakfast at our hotel was not available until 8:00 am so we took our time with the morning rituals and had ourselves mostly packed and ready to go before breakfast which was very simple – […]

I love Quebec!

When we first arrived in Canada from the USA, it was very much like going from Australia to New Zealand. You know it’s a foreign country but things are so similar, it doesn’t really seem […]

One thousand reasons to smile

Well Canada really pulled out the stops today to try to impress me – and it succeeded! The day dawned bright and sunny (though cool), after the rain of yesterday. We had an early stop […]

Day 18 – Ontario to Quebec

Today dawned bright and clear, a complete contrast to the grey overcast skies of yesterday. It was also noticeably cooler than previous days. We woke just before my alarm was due to sound at 7:00 […]

Day 17 – Across Ontario

Our hotel at Niagara Falls offered a view of the falls but no breakfast was included. It did offer an $8.99 buffet breakfast but we decided we did not need that much breakfast, especially as […]

The day that played hard to get

We left Niagara this morning and tried to get breakfast on the road. We couldn’t find any. We needed to get some Canadian cash. We had trouble finding an ATM. We took ages to find […]