Authorised walking

Devoted followers of our adventures might be forgiven for wondering what happened to Majella’s burning ambition to attempt all of the walks from Laura Ryan’s book this year. I posted on 20 April about the […]

2018 USA road trip plans

I spent many hours earlier this week planning for a 2 week road trip around some parts of the USA that we have yet to visit. The road trip will fill the first 2 weeks […]

More tweaking

I’m not sure whether this has been driven more by the website renovation bug urging me to finish what I started or by my capacity for procrastination on other activities. Most likely it has been […]

Another relocation

Earlier this year I moved this blog from to my own hosted space at this address. That move went reasonably smoothly and the blog settled comfortably in that space as it recorded our travels […]


This morning was quieter on The Ghan with no organised sunrise activity. The feature of the day was a four hour stop in Katherine that offered opportunities for excursions. Then it was on to Darwin […]

The Ghan

Yesterday was the effective end of our group tour around South Australia. Today we were to go our separate ways but first we had to make it back to Adelaide. Plans from there varied but […]

Round the gulf

Yesterday we reached the extremities of our journey at Kimba and Port Lincoln. Today we needed to get back within easy range of Adelaide so we can return the van and be ready for new […]

North and West

To this point our exploration of South Australia had been confined to the southeast corner. We had driven a little more than 2000 km but had seldom been more than 300 km from Adelaide. There […]