Australian Age of Dinosaurs website offers a suggested itinerary of 9 days, 3 each in Winton, Hughenden, and Richmond. I managed to condense that to the 2 days and nights we had in Winton and […]

Around Winton

My plan for today had been to visit Lark Quarry to see the dinosaur stampede and take a look around Winton. We managed to squeeze in a little more than that. I had calculated that […]


This trip was planned around seeing the dinosaurs at Winton. The real origins of that plan may be lost in the mists of time but when our kids gifted us with entrance to the dinosaur […]


It may please some who think we have been travelling too fast to know that we did not move the van at all today. Longreach Tourist Park where we stayed last night and again tonight […]


Majella is not keen on cruises. In part that is because she does not like being on water out of sight of land. In that case, a dinner cruise in Longreach was expected to be […]

Long walk

My recollections of my previous walk in Carnarvon Gorge 50+ years ago are vague. I do recall seeing the ‘art gallery’ cave but I don’t recall clearly how much further up the gorge Trevor and […]

Carnarvon Gorge

I was last at Carnarvon Gorge about 50 years ago and Majella had never been so it was an obvious inclusion on this trip. My previous trip was with Trevor Irvine in his parents’ Morris […]

Possum Park

We first heard about Possum Park several years ago from caravanning friends who had stopped here. Since then we have driven past the entrance a few times on our way to Rockhampton and thought we […]

Majella’s reflection on Nepal

Sitting at the airport waiting for our flight on the last leg of our journey, I have time to reflect on our visit to Nepal. While India left me feeling confused and unsettled, Nepal left […]

Mount Everest and Kathmandu

Today was our last day on tour. We were booked for a flight to see Mount Everest in the morning with our flight out to Singapore in the evening. Our plans for the rest of […]