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Seward to Denali

When we awoke at 6:00 the Westerdam was docked in Seward and bustling with early activity. We were scheduled to disembark at 7:45 so we had time to go for breakfast first and Majella even […]

Gulf of Alaska

Today was spent onboard, crossing the Gulf of Alaska en route to Seward where we will disembark in the morning. As a consequence it was a quiet day with no scheduled excursions or sightseeing. It […]

Glacier Bay

All but about 5000 of the 600000 annual visitors to Glacier Bay come on cruise ships. There are no roads or trails and at the top of the fjord the nearest road is 65 miles […]


Today was our last day in port on this cruise. Next time we dock it will be in Seward, the port for Anchorage, where we will board a coach for Denali.  Although the Westerdam docked […]


After a difficult day yesterday we allowed ourselves a little sleep-in. I woke sometime after 6:00 and around 6:30 crawled out to find that the Westerdam was creeping up the channel toward Juneau with the […]


We awoke to see sunrise colours through our curtains and when we looked out the window we found we were close to our destination for today at Ketchikan, a town of about 9000 on a […]

A day at sea

My Fitbit woke me at 6:00 but I rolled over, snoozed, and was startled when the alarm I had set on my phone went off at 6:20. We were soon dressed and on our way […]

All aboard

I’m writing this on Sunday evening but it is unlikely to be posted before Tuesday at earliest. I posted last night using my new AT&T SIM for access but I doubt it will work while […]

Sleepless to Seattle

We were up and moving soon after 4:00 am, showered, ate breakfast, tossed the sheets in the washer to be retrieved by our house sitters, and headed out. Soon after 5:00 am we were on […]

2018 USA road trip plans

I spent many hours earlier this week planning for a 2 week road trip around some parts of the USA that we have yet to visit. The road trip will fill the first 2 weeks […]