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Sayonara Japan

This was our last day in Japan. There was no need to rush because our flight was scheduled for 9:00 pm, leaving plenty of time for some final exploration. We needed to check out from […]


This was our full day around Tokyo. Majella had wondered a few weeks ago about getting a guide or some form of tour. I did some searching and discovered Tokyo Free Guide. There is an […]

Gora to Tokyo

My plan for this morning had been to check out of our hotel at Naka-Gora and reverse our path via the cable car and Hakone Tozan train to Odawara where would catch a Shinkansen to […]

Hakone region

Our first listed activity for today was the Hakone Ropeway which does not open until 9:00 am so Majella and I had no need to hurry. We showered and had breakfast and then woke Sophie […]

Osaka to Hakone

Majella and I both woke early and she got out to check that our laundry had dried overnight. It had, thanks to the drying room facility in the bathroom that had circulated warm air through […]


We had a later start this morning since Eriko had arranged to meet us in Shin-Ōsaka station at 9:00. Majella and I woke just before 7:00 am and woke Sophie around 8:00 am as we […]


When we knew that because of the way school holidays fell, our trip with Sophie was going to have us in Japan over Easter and unlikely to find convenient churches, Hiroshima seemed an appropriate place […]


I was awake at 6:00 am so I showered and dressed. By then Majella was awake and did likewise. We left Sophie sleeping while we went downstairs to the lounge for coffee – there is […]

North to Japan

In 1995 on our first trip around Europe (with Hannah, then aged 16) we had a chance meeting with an expatriate Australian couple travelling with grandchildren. Majella was inspired and in 2006 we did our […]