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Paris 2

After breakfast in the hotel we asked directions from the hotel receptionist to any motorbike shops that might be nearby. Sam was keen to buy some body armour if he could find some. The directions […]

Paris 1

Sam’s tonsils were still giving him trouble, so after breakfast our first stop was the pharmacy. We called Dad for his birthday and headed off for a day in Paris.

Sierre to Paris

We packed and cleaned up as much as we could at Serafino before heading down to the cure for a farewell breakfast of croissants and coffee with Marie-Francoise, Roland, and Michel. They were, as always, […]

Château de Chillon

We had an earlier start this morning. We were luckily awake when Peter’s phone rang at 7am. It was a call from Griffith University offering him an interview for a job. It was arranged for […]

Avignon to Sierre

We started early, having a scratch breakfast of the chocolate donuts and juice that I had bought in Barcelona before we left. We stopped for coffee and hot chocolate not far along our journey.

Barcelona to Avignon

We had planned an early start and had finished breakfast and packing by 8. However, we wanted to make one more trip to the market – me to get some fruit and Sam to get […]

Barcelona 3

Our last full day in Barcelona started at an appropriately late hour. We are adjusting well to Spanish hours! Breakfast at 9 and on the road by 10. Our plan was to make it to […]

Barcelona 2

Sam has been having very long days, but is still fighting fit. A late breakfast in the hotel dining room set us up for another day in Barcelona. The weather forecast suggested the possibility of […]

Barcelona 1

I’m taking over the blog today as Peter is off on his conference, Majella. Sam and I slept in and said farewell to Peter as he headed off to his conference and we headed down […]