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Singapore and home at last

Our flight from Zurich was fully loaded and departure was delayed briefly while somebody was persuaded to wait until next day. Once in the air, we relaxed until the meal was served and then tried […]

Sierre to Zurich

Our plan for the day was to leave Serafino at about 9:30 am, say our farewells at the cure, and then head off to Zurich with plenty of time to dally along the way if […]


Sunday dawned just as overcast as Saturday, with the mountaintops shrouded in mist. Our planned 10:30 am start allowed us the benefit of sleeping in until some time after 8:00 am when we rose, showered […]


We rose at about 8:00 am, ate a quick breakfast, and then slipped out to the local supermarket to pick up some Swiss chocolate that Majella and Joel needed to complete their collections of homecoming […]


Marie Francoise had suggested that we should be ready to leave on an excursion to Sion by 9:30 am. We started about 7:30 am to shower, breakfast and get ready and could easily have been […]

Mogliano Veneto to Pisa

I woke on cue just after 6:00 am, but rolled over and snoozed until just after 6:30 am. The estimated drive time to Pisa was about 3.5 h and Majella had suggested that we had […]


The shutters on the french doors in our room at Villa Stucky were very effective at keeping the room dark. I woke in early morning gloom with just a glimmer visible through the curtains, found […]