Our agenda for today was getting home. Flying with Qantas via Sydney to avoid Melbourne and maximise comfort while waiting in Qantas Clubs would fill the day.

Continental breakfast at Orana House was described in the documentation as a bento box breakfast. When we found the dining room soon after 8:00 am we discovered that was literally the case. Coffee and cereals were available at a bench but we were each presented with a red box/tray with multiple compartments containing pieces of breakfast. There was a small glass of fruit juice, a pear, two pieces of bread (for toasting), packaged butter and marmalade, a small croissant, and a tiny Danish pastry.

After breakfast we finished packing and were soon on our way. I had located a Caltex service station with what seemed a better price than some and we used Majella’s Woolworths card for the 6c discount. That done, we headed for the airport.

Drop off at Avis was straightforward as was checkin and we were soon relaxing in the Qantas Club with more than an hour to spare before boarding. Our flights to Sydney and then to Brisbane were on time and uneventful. 

Soon after 5:00 pm we had collected our car from Andrews and Majella was negotiating heavy traffic out of Brisbane. There were a few heavy patches of traffic so we were a little slower than we would have preferred but, after a quick visit to Gutkes to check on local news and some essential shopping we were home around 8:00 pm.