Reef adventure

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This was a day of ‘choose your own adventure’. There was early movement because Emily, Nick, Harry, and Ben needed to be away by 7:00 am to board for their 8:00 am trip to the outer reef. Gutkes were able to sleep a little longer because their cruise to Green Island did not leave until closer to 10:00 am. Lucas was staying with Jane, Lea, Sam, Bek, and Lane who were going to visit the casino to enjoy the floor with video of fish and then explore the city area. Nobody was sure what Joel and Grace planned except to sleep late. Majella, Sophie, and I were preparing for our flight to Japan.

As Nick and his crew were preparing to leave, Majella decided it would be good to wave them off at the wharf. Lucas came with us for the ride. After some confusion about exactly which wharf they were departing from, we eventually found them and said goodbye again at the boat side.

We headed back to Harvester Home which has been a wonderful choice by Jane for our stay. There was plenty of space for all of us and the large covered area was great for shared meals and just sitting around enjoying a relaxing break. The location was convenient, not too far from the city and there were no plagues of biting insects.

We ate breakfast, packed our bags and said farewells. Gutkes left first for their cruise. Then we drove Jane and Lucas into the city where Lea, Sam, Bek, and Lane were to meet them. For us the next move was to the airport and a new adventure.