Around Littleton

I was ready this morning and caught my cue to walk with Peg and Dave. We were out around 7:00 for a relaxed 40 minutes or so that took us 4.5 km around the same route as Sunday. The temperature registered as 14°C and I was mostly comfortable in my T-shirt but it seemed a little cooler in some hollows and warmer where the sun was reaching. Temperatures later in the day were in the low 30s °C.

Peg takes a watercolours class on Tuesday mornings and had invited Majella to join her. They were off about 9:30. Dave readied his second bike for me to ride and we set off soon after for a ride down to the river, upstream on excellent bike paths to the Chatfield dam, back down the river paths, and back home via a less demanding trail uphill. I was surprised by the first roundabout intersection on the bike paths but soon got used to those. We climbed up the road to the top of the dam for a view over the lake and surrounding countryside before making our way back. We did not push ourselves hard in the heat and made the 16 miles (25 km) in a bit less than 2 hours.

Majella and Peg returned a little later. Majella was very pleased with the progress she had made on her guided watercolour and was keen to finish it to be taken home as a souvenir. She did that first thing after lunch.

In the afternoon we busied ourselves with preparations for the road trip Peg and Dave have planned to begin tomorrow. Majella and Peg had already worked out a list of things we would need and those were progressively assembled near the front door. Dave and I took down the car roof box that was hanging from the garage roof and attached it to the car.

Later in the afternoon Peg went to a class at the gym. Dave slipped out briefly to do some chores. When he returned he drove us to the Littleton downtown area for a look around. We browsed some interesting stores and Majella was able to buy a mailing tube to pack her watercolour to take it home. Along the way we were surprised to find Ned Kelly’s Irish Pub complete with picture of Ned without armour.

Peg arrived home soon after we got back and we ate dinner a little after that. After dinner we relaxed with some television.