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I’m not sure whether this has been driven more by the website renovation bug urging me to finish what I started or by my capacity for procrastination on other activities. Most likely it has been a bit of each.

My relocation and under the hood work last week required sifting through folders of files in my hosted space. Among those was a folder of old websites that had been rescued from the webspace I once had on Apple’s MobileMe when that existed. The original sites had been mostly developed using Apple’s iWeb when that existed. They used a variety of templates that are not easily reproduced but I managed to scrape the files out when the site closed and preserve most of the functionality.

Three of the sites were created as blogs to record travels with our grandchildren, Emily, Joel, and Sam, and the other was a pseudo-blog about our time in the USA. They seemed to be a reasonable fit for this blog and have now been incorporated as follows:

I’m not sure how much interest any of that might be to anyone other than those who were directly involved but it has preserved, at least for now, some family history.

Adding ‘trips’ and grouping them together meant creating subcategories which resulted in the list of categories becoming awkwardly long. We don’t plan on stopping our travels any time soon so the prospect of an even longer and more unwieldy list of categories/trips did not appeal. Instead I have managed to create a menu with just the top level categories/sections and internal menus for each of those sections. That should accommodate a few more trips without invoking the scroll of death.

The photo galleries have also had some reworking to improve their presentation. More, though smaller, photos are visible from each album and all the albums are still served from Flickr.