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Majella’s plan for today was no plan. Two nights in one location allowed for laundry with time to dry but mostly it would be time to relax and restore energies for the final few days.

DSC_9401_Luminar2018I was awake early and went out for a walk a little before 6:30 to catch sunrise over the river. I caught one photo on my iPhone just a few metres upstream and posted it to Facebook. Then I walked up river looking for a suitable location for more photos. The path ended not far from our mooring so I turned and walked downstream catching photos along the way. I reached the end of the walking path, returned, went a little further upstream, and then walked back to the houseboat.

By that time, around 7:30 am, the others were mostly up and beginning to eat breakfast so I joined them. After breakfast we relaxed in various ways until it was time to walk into town for coffee. Majella had already made a quick walk into town searching out possible sources of some cheap shorts to use while kayaking. The Opportunity Shop was not far away but would not open until 10 am.

DSC_9413The walk along the river is enjoyable and we were interested to see the houseboat of the Chookman of the Murray moored near the town centre. I had spotted it on my earlier walk and Warwick had also seen it when he was out. It is an amazing confection of what looks like junk but is layered over a functioning houseboat.

Majella had headed off on her own to the Opportunity Shop and happily found what she needed. The rest of the group headed for the bakery where somebody had been advised we could find good coffee. When Majella returned we joined them and enjoyed our coffee.

One of the group had been checking the menu at the Renmark Hotel and had been advised by a passerby that the food was very good. Before we parted after coffee we agreed to meet for lunch there at 12:30 pm. Some stayed in town to look around but we and the Dingles returned to the houseboat so that Majella could have her kayaking adventure. I’d have gone with her but Warwick was keener so I stayed ashore to take photographs.

DSC_9426By the time Majella and Warwick had returned from their paddle downstream, the Steins had returned and Jim was prevailed upon to join Warwick on a paddle upstream. They returned just in time for us to walk back into town for our lunch at the Renmark Hotel.

Lunch was excellent. The dishes eaten included roast pork, roast chicken, Murray cod, and steak. After lunch the Dingles and Steins headed off to take a cruise on the river. The Mauchs spent a little more time around town while the Bourkes walked back to the houseboat. Majella and I walked via the supermarket to replenish provisions and then back to the houseboat where I took my turn on the kayak. I paddled upstream and out of sight around a bend where I noticed a pedestrian bridge and some other work that looked interesting.

Back at the houseboat I spent some time to upload photos from yesterday and watched our cruising companions go past. Then I headed off on foot to see if I could reach the footbridge I had seen. I walked through the nearby new estate and reached the park area where the bridge was but it was closed off because the surrounding park area was still being developed.

DSC_9457_Luminar2018By the time I returned the cruisers were back and ready to relax into the evening. Russell, Jim and I made a quick trip to town to pick up some drinks. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent watching the sunset over the river, eating a simple meal of sandwiches, and enjoying evening television. Tomorrow we head west.