New travel blog location

As explained in what I expect will be the final post on the previous site of this blog I have decided to move our travel blog onto the hosting service that I have been using for my personal blog and various other purposes. It seems to make more sense to concentrate my efforts in one area rather than contemplate paying for multiple sites if I want or need additional features.

I think I succeeded in copying all the content from the previous site to this one. For the foreseeable future the previous version will stay where it is with a link to this site. I’ll do some more checks as time goes by and attempt to fix any faults that I find in this new site. I’ve found, installed, and adjusted what seems to be a workable theme for formatting but may make more adjustments to that in future.

Our next adventure is a trip to South Australia with friends. That begins on Saturday and I plan to be posting about that as we go.