Month: July 2017


After our long day yesterday this was to be less strenuous. We woke at 7:00 am and were up and breakfasted by 8:00 am without firm plans for the day. There had been discussion yesterday […]

More thoughts from Majella

How lucky are we to have this experience. The past two weeks at Trébry have been delightful and have gone so quickly I’m sure that by the time we blink, the final week will have […]


We woke this morning to find the power still out. My Fitbit alarm had gone at 6:00 am in anticipation of an early start for a long day out but, seeing no sign of light […]

Trébry trails

Believe it not, there are enough things to entertain us in the vicinity of Trébry that our plans for today did not involve driving any significant distance away. Nor did they require an early start […]


We seem to have settled into a pattern of alternating big days out and rest days with less vigorous but still interesting activities. After our day in the Loire we were due for a rest […]

Looping the Loire

Some of us enjoy cider, which is a good thing in Brittany where it is endemic, but we all enjoy wine so a visit to the nearest wine region in the Loire valley was bound […]

More monts

After our big day out to Mont Saint Michel yesterday we were not really disappointed that the forecast for today was rain in the morning and drier in the afternoon. That gave us permission to […]

Mont Saint Michel

Today was serious bucket list work. Majella has wanted to visit Mont Saint Michel ever since she saw a photograph of it in her high school French textbook. John has also had it on his […]


Dinan had always been on our list of places to visit. Majella had seen a photo of it in the Airbnb listing for our cottage when we were looking for places and it was one […]

Slow Sunday

When we woke at 7:00 am this morning there was blue sky visible through the skylights in our bedroom but that was shortlived. By the time we had eaten breakfast the sunshine was gone and […]