Back to Washington DC

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Well, after more than 4 weeks exploring the Eastern parts of the States and up into Canada, we have now made it back to our starting point of Washington DC. Peter has been calculating our daily mileage and it has been considerable! It has been fun, but I’m glad we now have a few days here without a lot of driving. Of course, Peter has 3 days of work ahead while I have 3 days to relax and explore DC, but hopefully we can both catch our breath a bit.
One of the things about being in the car for so much time each day has been our chance to listen to a lot of radio. Our preference is for the National Public Radio network which has focused endlessly on the upcoming presidential election. I think I understand why so few Americans actually vote. They must be so sick of politics after such a long campaign – and they still have a month to go!!
Spending the evening listening to the first debate between Obama and Romney. Mmmm.