The Big Apple

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The really big Apple in New York is of course the Apple store. In fact there are 2 stores there so today we visited both. Our first stop was at the one in Grand Central Station. A visit to the station itself was interesting enough. It is a magnificent building, extravagantly decorated and huge. The Apple store occupies one of the balconies. The next one we visited is the most famous and most amazing. The “shop front” is a huge glass cube in the centre of a paved square. The only signage is a large white apple logo suspended in the space. The entry to the store which is underground is via a glass tubular lift or a circular glass stairway which is designed to appear as though the treads have no visible means of support. The place was filled with nerds, as Hannah noted, or just curious onlookers. It was quite an experience!
The rest of the day was spent shopping. We literally shopped till we dropped! A nice day in the Big Apple.