This time next week …

This time next week we will be somewhere over the Pacific on our way to the USA. Though we are looking forward to that we both have plenty to do before we can be on our way.

Today I managed to complete an examination report for a thesis I’ve been marking for a Malaysian university. Alongside that I signed up for a Flickr Pro account where I expect to upload photos as we travel. I took advantage of the extended capacity by uploading several hundred photographs from our trips to Europe in 2006, 2008 and 2009 with our grandchildren, Emily, Joel, and Sam as well as photographs from previous trips to New Zealand and Malaysia. 

I also tracked down the old iWeb version where I had the blogs for our European trips, exported those and uploaded them to my own site. Those blogs had been on MobileMe until it was shuttered a couple of months ago. The transfer is not entirely perfect – some galleries of photos depended on MobilieMe – but the content is working and the photographs from the galleries are now on Flickr.

Time now to tie up some more loose ends with planning for travel, finish off some local tasks, and get to the packing 🙂