Month: April 2002

Sweet Adelines

This email has be sung aloud in 4-part harmony, so everyone please take the pitch now. One of my greatest delights while living here in the States has been my participation in the Star City […]

Fair weather friend

I am being somewhat self indulgent by writing an extra email this week, but I am sitting here waiting for my ride to Kentucky for my Sweet Adelines contest (which you will hear all about […]

Shivers with wolves

One of the exciting attractions of Lafayette is the Wolf Park, a wildlife reserve just out of town which is home to wolves, foxes, bison, and a lone coyote. Every Saturday night of the year […]

Thoughts of home

Last weekend as we drove back across the Kentucky border into Indiana, I found myself smiling fondly and warmly at the familiar barns and ploughed fields of Indiana. I was amazed that I was experiencing […]