Greetings from Copenhagen

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It was hard to say goodbye at the airport, and my tears did not stop when I looked into the parcels Jane and the children had prepared for us to open on the plane.

We each had an envelope filled with messages and hugs and crosswords and noughts and crosses games for us to complete. Our departure was delayed because of some problem they had getting fuel to the planes in Brisbane, but we eventually took off.

We arrived in Copenhagen about 5am Sunday and had to carry all our luggage (2 suitcases and 1 piece of hand luggage plus handbag each) on to the bus then train then taxi to our hotel. A lady on the train who noticed how I was already wilting under the load suggested that I had better not do too much shopping! We were not able to check in till 3 pm, so rather than the nice shower I was looking forward to, we had to leave our gear and take a walk downtown until we could get back in to the hotel.

On Monday morning Peter headed off to the conference and I wandered downtown again. Copenhagen is a beautiful city and I am enjoying my explorations. Our hotel has the smallest rooms I have ever seen. It is like a caravan with folding tables and chairs on the walls and a cabinet which contains the bathroom facilities. However it is clean and comfortable and if it were not for the fact that we are paying the same amount per night to stay here as we did to stay at the Hilton in Brisbane, I would be quite impressed. After a few false starts I found a bicycle with wheels, chain, and a seat (not all of them did!) and ventured into the cobblestones and traffic. It was really quite a good way to get around and I covered a fair bit of ground. However, my backside is feeling the pain. With all the walking and riding I have been doing, it is lucky that I have lots of Danish pastry to help ease the aches in my feet, legs and behind.

On Tuesday I went back onto the bikes and checked out some of the gardens. Later I did a tour of the Queen’s reception rooms. That was really spectacular and I learned a bit about Danish history. Today is Wednesday and Peter had this afternoon free, so after my touring through the city centre and going to an art gallery and the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Centre, and seeing the changing of the guard at the royal palace, I met Peter to do a Canal Boat tour around the city and up to the Little Mermaid. Despite the fact that I had been walking all day, I found some strength to walk a bit further with Peter.

People here are very friendly. Every day I have managed to have a chat with someone in one of the many city squares as I rested between walking and riding.

I have one more day before we struggle with our luggage back to Heathrow. I still have a few more things on my tourist list to see, so should be completely exhausted by tomorrow afternoon.