Limestone Coast

Majella’s plan for today was simple. We were to trickle down the coast along the Coorong and then along the Limestone Coast to Mount Gambier where we would halt for the night.


After most of a week in Adelaide and south to Kangaroo Island today was the start of a broader exploration of what South Australia offers. Majella’s itinerary had us finishing more or less due east of our overnight at Cape Jervis with a deviation to the north along the way.

Mea culpa

Those who don’t read Latin can look it up. The details will be revealed later in the story of our day on Kangaroo Island. Majella had planned an excursion to the western end of the island with return for the late afternoon ferry. That happened but not without some variation and excitement, even apprehension, along

Hop over here

Not literally but somebody did ask on Facebook whether we had to hop on the ferry to get to Kangaroo Island. We didn’t but we have had a long and busy day with plenty of fun despite less than ideal weather.

Barossa beer and wine

That’s Maggie Beer but real wine. Majella had planned a full day excursion to the Barossa Valley for our last day in the Adelaide region.

Back to the hills

Majella’s itinerary for today was simple. We were to drive to Hahndorf, via some other interesting locations, explore, eat lunch, explore some more, and return to base. The distance is not great so we had no need for an early start.

More chocolate and more

Our visit to the Melba chocolate factory yesterday was happenstance but Majella had booked a visit to Haigh’s Chocolates for this morning. You can’t have too much chocolate, can you?

Head for the hills

That’s the Adelaide Hills, where we spent most of our very enjoyable day. It did take some time to get there via intermediate destinations.

Bound for South Australia

Today is the start of our next travel adventure with the group of friends who have traveled with us in the North Island of New Zealand (2010) (mostly), South Island of New Zealand (2014) and Tasmania (2016). As on previous trips, Majella has done the planning of the itinerary and arranged accommodation. The rest of us

New travel blog location

As explained in what I expect will be the final post on the previous site of this blog I have decided to move our travel blog onto the hosting service that I have been using for my personal blog and various other purposes. It seems to make more sense to concentrate my efforts in one