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Day 36+ – DC to Dulles to Dallas to home

This entry is being written well after some of the events because there was not a lot of opportunity on the day itself. Our main business for Sunday was to get ourselves to Dulles airport, return the rental car, and catch our fight to Dallas and thence to Brisbane and home. The flight was scheduled

Homeward bound

For me, the holiday really ended when Peter went back to work here in Washington DC on Thursday. I have enjoyed exploring the city on my own these past days, but have really slowed down the pace and have tried to rest as much as I could. The hotel here is lovely but the biggest

Day 35 – Washington DC

This morning was scheduled for a SITE executive meeting beginning at 9:30 am in the AACTE offices. The later start allowed us to sleep a little later than usual but we were moving by 7:30 am. After showering I slipped across the street for fresh milk and yoghurt to have with our cereal and brought

Day 34 – Washington DC

Today was the second day of the NTLS meeting so I was moving shortly after 7:00 am, showered, went down to get coffee for both of us, ate cereal in the room and headed off just before 8:30 am. The morning started with a short general session and then separated into the same working groups

Day 33 – Washington DC

I had a schedule today so I set an alarm to ensure that I would be ready for action before NTLS kicked off at 8:30 am. We were both awake just before 7:00 am. We showered and went downstairs to pick up coffee to add to the breakfast of cereal we had in our room.

Back to Washington DC

Well, after more than 4 weeks exploring the Eastern parts of the States and up into Canada, we have now made it back to our starting point of Washington DC. Peter has been calculating our daily mileage and it has been considerable! It has been fun, but I’m glad we now have a few days

Day 32 – Pennsylvania, via Maryland, to District of Columbia

Today was probably our last without a hard schedule. Tomorrow and Friday I’ll be attending the National Technology Leadership Summit as Editor of JTATE and on Saturday morning I’ll be at a SITE executive meeting. In light of that, although I woke at 7:00 am I rolled over and did not hurry out. We still

From fancy to plain

Today’s venue could not be any more different from yesterday’s! After the excesses of Atlantic City, we are now in Amish country. The town we are staying in is Intercourse, Pennsylvania, a place we visited in 1998 and to which Peter has long wanted to return. I didn’t know he loved quilts so much!! We

Day 31 – New Jersey, via Delaware, to Pennsylvania

We wakened just after 7:00 am, showered, ate cereal we bought yesterday and had coffee in our room. By 8:30 am we were packed and ready. We checked out using the facility on the television in our room, walked to the garage, found the car and were on the road by 9:00 am. Our destination

Atlantic City

I managed to drive out again through New York traffic as we headed for New Jersey and our destination of Atlantic City. The “city” is really a string of casinos along a long boardwalk fronting the Atlantic coast. The buildings were extravagant and ostentatious with all the glitz you could imagine. Such is not really