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Another relocation

Earlier this year I moved this blog from to my own hosted space at this address. That move went reasonably smoothly and the blog settled comfortably in that space as it recorded our travels in South Australia.

New travel blog location

As explained in what I expect will be the final post on the previous site of this blog I have decided to move our travel blog onto the hosting service that I have been using for my personal blog and various other purposes. It seems to make more sense to concentrate my efforts in one

Yugambeh walking

As the title suggests, this post is mostly about our walking adventures but I felt the need to put it in context first. More details about our walking follow below.

Learning from travel

After 12 weeks exploring Europe and Great Britain, I have learnt a few things. Here are some of them in no particular order.

Majella again

Six weeks almost done, six weeks to go. We’ve shared our adventures with some good friends along the way and are really looking forward to catching up with family at the end of this month. We have been able to chat on FaceTime with mum and dad and Judith a few times, and also with


Yesterday was my last working day. Official retirement date is 31 December but I have accumulated leave to cover the time from now until then and we plan to make the most of the first few months for our European adventures. Departure is next Monday, 10 July and, all being well, we will not be

Fewer than 50 days and counting

I posted here in February when we had 140 days to run to departure (91 working days for me) and were getting started on preparations. I’ve been meaning to post an update for ages and thought that last weekend as we approached the 50 day countdown would be appropriate. That didn’t happen for various reasons and we

Long trip requires long preparation

After 25 years at USQ I’m retiring at the end of this year. As it happens I will have sufficient accumulated leave, mostly long service leave with a few weeks of recreation leave, to cover the second half of the year. My effective finishing date is 4 July. At this moment as I’m drafting this, that’s

Wellington, NZ, for ascilite 2012

Majella and I recently travelled to Wellington in New Zealand where I attended ascilite 2012 and Majella indulged in a little more tourism. We left home early on the morning of Saturday, November 24 (early enough to catch an 8:45 am flight out of Brisbane) and returned on Thursday, November 29 (on an even earlier

The grand plan

Nancy suggested on Facebook that we need a map so that interested readers can know where we are planning to go. I’ve been building a map with our overnight destinations (and intended driving routes as I worked out distances) in Google Maps. I haven’t managed to get it to retain all the planned routes but